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Bleker – Tufted Tuxedo Arm Chair – Blue

A bold blue armchair brings admiration from all guests. Enticingly soft velvet fabric is brought to life with a button

Bleker – Tufted Tuxedo Arm Loveseat – Blue

Admire the elegance and allure of this blue loveseat. Upholstered in a sensationally soft velvet, it’ll be your favorite place

Bleker – Tufted Tuxedo Arm Sofa – Blue

Dazzle and delight your guests with this exceptional blue sofa. Striking blue velvet upholstery steals the spotlight in your living

Bleker – Tuxedo Arm Living Room Set

Featuring a bold blue velvet upholstery, this seating set offers an iconic Chesterfield style design. With low profile seating and